Buffet Selection


Below are some buffet options.  Prices may vary slightly depending on your final selection of meats and fish or seafood. Please let us know if you have any special requests for our talented staff, dietary or otherwise. Also, we ask for at least ten days notice from the date of the event to place an order.

– Taco bar

Make your own tacos with seasoned chicken, grilled veggies, or fish.  Includes queso fresco, house made guacamole, rice, beans, house made pico de gallo, house made habanero salsa, shredded cabbage.

– American BBQ

BBQ or tequila lime chicken, pork ribs, house made veggie burgers, grilled trout or other fish, potato salad, cole slaw, green salad.

– Caribbean BBQ

Jerk chicken, roasted fish with pineapple salsa, Caribbean curry vegetables, dirty red beans and rice, fried plantains, green salad.

– Italian Buffet

Meatballs, veggie meatballs, choice of pasta, choice of sauce (bolognese, pesto, alfredo), mussels/clams, roasted vegetables, garlic bread, green salad.

– Southern Buffet

Blackened catfish, fried chicken, mac n cheese, collard greens (vegetarian or with pork), cornbread, green salad, cole slaw.