Bar Bites & Snacks

Basket of Fries or Tots – Small $7, Large $9
Fresh, hand-cut Kennebec potatoes


Cheese – $3

Garlic and Parmesan – $4

Chili – $6


The Utah’s Famous Hummus – Small $9, Large $11
With olive oil, vegetables, olives, and warm pita


Spicy Buffalo Wings – Small $12, Medium $14, Large $17
With bleu cheese dressing


Chicken N’ Chips – Small $11   Large $15
Fried chicken strips served with hand-cut fries


Mac N’ Cheese – Small $7  Large $9
Spiral pasta & fours cheeses, cooked to order


Bacon $3

Side house salad $3

Chicken, grilled and fried $4


Niman Ranch Hot Dog – $8


Chili cheese -$4



Served with fries, tots or salad

The Utah Burger or Handmade Veggie Burger – $13.50
Served with Utah Sauce, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle

Additional Toppings:
Cheddar, pepper jack, Swiss, American, provolone, jalapeños, – $1 each
Avocado, grilled onions, grilled mushrooms or bleu cheese – $2 each
Bacon, or fried egg – $3 each


Marinated Chicken Breast Sandwich – $13.50
On a french roll with, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle & housemade utah sauce


BLT Sandwich – $12
On toasted wheat bread


Grilled Cheese Sandwich – $8

Cheddar and american cheese grilled on whole wheat or sourdough


Bacon -$3


“KFC” Chicken Sandwich – $14

Fried chicken sandwich with choice of Original, BBQ, or Buffalo style


Breakfast Sandwich – $12

Fried egg, cheddar cheese, & bacon on sourdough or whole wheat toast


Cheese Quesadilla – $10

With sour cream & habanero salsa


Veggies – $2

Chicken – $3


Bangers & Mash – $18

Two banger sausages served with mashed potatoes, baked beans, & Guiness mushroom gravy


French Dip Sandwich – $16

Tender roast beef and swiss cheese toasted on a french roll and served with horseradish sauce & au jus




Cobb Salad – $14
Romaine lettuce with chicken, avocado, bacon, bleu cheese, tomato,
hard boiled egg, and ranch dressing


House Salad – $10
Mixed greens with tomato, cucumber, chickpeas, carrot, red onion, & housemade vinaigrette dressing


Bacon  $3

Housemade veggie patty  $4

Chicken, grilled or fried $4

Impossible Burger patty $8


Mashed Potatoes – $7

Garlic mashed potatoes & Guiness mushroom gravy


Soup of the Day – $9 Cup, $11 Bowl

See the specials board or ask your ‘tender


Housemade Chili – $9 Cup, $11 Bowl

Beef & bean chili w/cheese, scallions, & tortilla


Toast to your soup, salad or chili $1




Check out our specials board
All prices include 8.5% sales tax
Please place your order at the bar
Please pay with cash when your order is under $20
Parties of 4 or more: please don’t split checks
An 18% gratuity is included for parties of 6 or more for food service